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What is SDN and Aftalesystemet (Agreement System)

Read about SDN here:

Where do I find Aftalesystemet for SDN

Aftalesystemet is available at:

User manual

You can find the user manual for Aftalesystemet at Medcom:

How is SDN supported?

The health data network is supported as described here (in Danish) :

Forgot password

If you forgot or did not get your username and password for the Aftalesystemet, you can contact us at and ask for a new one.

Other system information

The DNS servers for .medcom are and The authoritative DNS servers are responsible for, .medcom, and the reverse zones for the entire

The domain can be searched worldwide.

If you are on the Health Data Network and DNS is set up correctly, you should be able to reach http://www-test.netic.medcom.

Provisioning of SDN

Provisioning (openings / closures) occurs every 1/2 hour if there have been changes in the Agreement system - this means that maximum 30 minutes after an agreement is approved, it will be open from client (network) to the service; provided that the Service Provider has remembered to open any Firewalls in its own network located outside SDN.


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