If you have one or more  Hosted servers at Netic, you may need support for various things, often according to the Service Goal you purchased the server with.

Changing Firewall

To request a change in Netic's Firewall - ie. open or close - write to support@netic.dk. Generally, we implement firewall changes as soon as possible, but there may be situations where it cannot be done due to security or we require a different solution.

Restoring files

If you purchased your server backup, you can get files restored. You can email us at support@netic.dk if you want something restored (recreated). Everything related to restore is invoiced as time/material used time.

Restart or missing connection

You can email us at support@netic.dk to have your server restarted or to investigate the cause of any problems, i.e. lack of connection.

Login and passwords

Some customers have ssh access to their hosted servers from trusted IP addresses.

For Linux and Solaris servers, Username and passwords are often found in Netic's Kerberos system.

You can change your password by logging into one of the servers you have access to and use the command 'kpasswd'.

If you have forgotten your password, contact us at support@netic.dk


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