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When you are living in a dorm, you are provided with internet, which is paid through your rent. The network connection itself comes from Forskernettet, Stofa or another network provider. Netic A/S is responsible for distributing the internet connection from the network provider to the plug in the wall.

If you buy a router or other equipment, you need to pay for and set it up by yourself.


We want to give you the best support possible, therefore all communication to Netic A/S must go through your janitor or the building caretaker. Only your janitor can contact Netic A/S for support, which is provided every day between 08-17.

Please try to complete the possible solutions below before reporting your network issues to your janitor.

If you can’t get a connection to the internet:

Try to connect your computer directly with a network cable to the wall plug without a router in between. If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet cable, you may buy/borrow an adapter or a computer from your neighbour.

If you now have a connection to the internet, it is very possible that the router is at fault. Netic A/S does not provide IT support for your own devices - we recommend that you contact your local electronics store.

If the internet still doesn’t work, when you are connected with a network cable, the fault most likely lies with either the network provider or with Netic's network equipment. In this case please contact your janitor, who will contact Netic if necessary.

If you experience a slow internet connection

Try to connect your computer directly with a network cable to the wall plug without a router in between. If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet cable, you may buy/borrow an adapter or a computer from your neighbour.

With the computer connected directly to the plug in the wall, see if the problem persists. You can try to perform a network speed test, e.g. www.fast.com, with your computer connected directly to the wall and through your router to see if there is a difference in speed.

If your connection to the Internet is still slow, please contact your janitor.

Advanced solutions:

This section is for those who have a bit more technical knowledge and believe they can solve it without Netic's help. Netic A/S only provides the equipment to distribute the network connection to your apartment, but you might find the following solutions helpful:


Try to change the WIFI-channel on your router on both bands (if applicable) - changing the WIFI-channel to the least congested one often result in a dramatic improvement of your wireless network!

Restart/Reset Router:

Try restarting your router, either by clicking a restart button or by pulling the power for at least 10 seconds. If your problem persists you can try to reset your router to the factory setting. Please refer to your router's manual for instructions.

Enable DHCP:

Make sure that your computer is configured to automatically retrieve an IP address with DHCP - similarly your router should have DHCP enabled.

Public IP address

It is not possible to get a public IPv4 address, because we only have a very small IPv4 public address range, but it is possible if your dorm has IPv6.

Each Apartment has its own VLAN, which runs dual stack with both IPv4 and IPv6, with its own subnet for example 2001:878:492:XXX::/64, where XXX is your apartment.

All ports are open to 2001:878:492:XXX::100/120 so you can access your network outside the LAN. Please note that there is no filtering done on this range, meaning that you should provide your own firewall.

College dorm name

Housing association /Administrator

IPv4 og IPv6

Bikuben kollegiethttp://deas.dkIPv4
Blegkilde kollegiet
IPv4 og IPv6
CW Obel Kollegiethttp://obel.com/IPv4
Dragenhttp://www.alabubolig.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
Eternittenhttp://www.alabubolig.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
Fjordbo Kollegiethttp://deas.dkIPv4
Grundfoskollegiethttp://deas.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Haraldslundkollegiethttp://www.alabubolig.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
Henius Housewww.abhim.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Idrætsbyenwww.abhim.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Kjellerupsgade (Søndergade)www.viva-bolig.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Larsen Waterfront - Havnefrontenwww.abhim.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Nordjysk kollegiumhttp://deas.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Ryesgade 33www.viva-bolig.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Signalvejhttp://www.alabubolig.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
Sigrid Undsets vej (Department 45)www.abhim.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Skovparkenhttp://www.alabubolig.dk/ IPv4 og IPv6

http://enggaard.dk / http://deas.dk

Spar Nord Husethttps://ejendomme.sparnord.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
The Wall (østerbrobrygge)http://www.alabubolig.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
Ungdoms- og familieboliger på godsbanearealethttp://www.alabubolig.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
Ungdomsboliger - Kennedy - Sauers Pladshttp://www.alabubolig.dk/IPv4 og IPv6
Ungdomsboliger Niels Bohrs vej, Ramblaenwww.abhim.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Ungdomsboliger Odinsgadewww.abhim.dkIPv4 og IPv6
Ungdomsboliger Ribevej, Kvadratetwww.abhim.dkIPv4 og IPv6


Vendia-Kollegietvendia-huset.dkIPv4 og IPv6


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